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Expert Moving Tips: Reuse, Recycle And Sell

You have decided to be thrifty in this new phase of your life. This is your new home. You were able to purchase this out of the sale of your old house. Although you are single and have less needs in life compared to those who have kids, it is good to start being wise with your money at this time.
Start at the durable and costly moving boxes which are now empty, you are thinking of ways to convert them into cash. Your friend told you that she has once posted an ad on the web for those interested buyers. Well, there may be persons who are also moving out and would prefer used but durable moving boxes.
You heard a knock on the door. It's the kind old lady next door. She told you about the recycling project in this town. She encouraged you to participate in this environment awareness campaign. She said you will be paid with a few bucks for these moving boxes.  What do you think? 
These are merely cartons. Don't linger on them as having their sentimental value. It may give you a good price value should you give it away for a cause. Have a wise life!

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