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How to Train Your Dog during the Move

Removals can also cause some stress on your pet dogs. To shelter them from all the stress, you would have to let the dog stay in the crate while the move is going on. It would be better if the dog stays isolated in a room so it will not absorb most of the stress you are feeling on this busy day as well.
You would have to crate train you dogs weeks before the move though. Older dogs should be reminded of old training. This would not only make them used to the crate again for the move but the transition in the new home as well. It would also help you discipline them as well.
When dogs are stressed, they would usually soil to mark their territory. However, if you crate train them correctly they would not do that and make a mess. Simply put the dog in the crate only for an hour. Always have blanket and toys there with the dog to make it comfortable and happy. After an hour though, take the dog out to the garden or to another area where the dog can pee and poo. Establish this routine until the dogs don't soil and make a mess in your new home. So in the end, crate training your pups and dogs would be advantageous for the move and your stay in your new home.

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