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Painting, Pictures, and Mirrors: Moving them Out Damage-Free

When you are moving out to a new place, there are pieces of furniture and valuables in the house that you want extra take care of.  As much as possible, you would want these pieces of furniture not to sustain even the smallest scratch.  Some of these considered valuable are the mirrors, paintings, and pictures. 
In order to protect and safeguard these considered valuables, the following damage-free moving out tips are being suggested:
Mirrors and the like are easily broken and when they do, there is no way that they can be repaired or fixed. It is for this reason that mirrors should be given utmost care and protection.  You can safely move out mirrors by wrapping it with ultra-cushioning papers such as bubblewrap or you can wrap them inside a box cushioned by a styrofoam.Paintings that were rarely acquired (antique and valuable) are normally being moved out separately.  There is a moving van that is specifically designed to transport extra valuable pieces such as the painting.    If you cannot hire this moving van, try to at least hire the service of a professional who can do the packing. Pictures are memories that you have and as such, you do not want them to get just ruined.  Protect these by placing them on a properly insulated box. Never put the picture frame on top of the other. 
These simple tips and techniques can greatly save you from getting stressed too much due to the overwhelming challenges of moving out.

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