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Protect Your Mother's China and Other Fragile Items during a Move by Following these Tips!

One of the most difficult parts of a move is having to pack fragile items. When you are moving a television set, for example, you would not want it to be bumped or the screen to be scratched during the move, so how are you supposed to pack your electronic items and your grandmother's china? Here are a few tips on how you can do just that:
•    Packing your electronic appliances.
For your DVD, VCR, boom box, stereo, gaming console and other electronic appliances, the best type of removal box to use is a dish pack box. Unlike the regular cardboard boxes, dish pack boxes have a stronger, sturdier frame that will protect the items inside. Buy plenty of thick bubble wrap and use it to pack each item individually, after which you can place them in the dish pack box.

•    Packing the lighting fixtures.
For lampshades and other lighting fixtures, remove the bulbs first prior to packing. This prevents the bulbs from being broken during the move, so you would only have to pack the frame. For chandeliers or tall lamps, you can also use dish pack boxes.

•    Boxing picture frames and other breakable items.
Wrap picture frames individually with bubble wrap and place them inside a removal box. Oil paintings should be treated with utmost caution, simply use paper sheets instead of plastic wrap. Don't put an oil painting together with picture frames in the same box because the oil from the painting may leak and stain your pictures/

•    TV and computer screens.
There are specialized TV and computer screens which come in a variety of sizes. Add paper balls in between the box and the screen to cushion the item and prevent it from having any scratches. By following these tips, you can rest assured that your fragile items and expensive electronic appliances will not be damaged during the move.

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