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How to Plan an Office Removal

An office removal, like all other types of removal, requires thorough planning and research. With proper preparation, you can greatly minimize the stress and chaos the come with an office removal. These tips would prove to be useful as you embark on an office removal.

Get Right People for the Task

Make sure the mover in-charge of the moving process is experienced and trustworthy. Offices have plenty of heavy equipment and furniture items. Hence, an expert is required to move the office items safely.

Notify Customers and Clients

Inform customers and clients about the move weeks prior the move. Also, make sure that the suppliers know where they can contact you after the move. You need to do these well ahead of time to ensure a seamless and smooth transition.

Arrange Utility Disconnection and Reconnection

Be sure that the utilities at your new location is up and running before you move. Failure to do so could lead to longer downtime which is damaging to your company. Similarly, inform your utility current provider about your moving plans so they could arrange for the disconnection of the utilities at a timely manner.

Demand Insurance Coverage

Office equipment and furniture are very delicate, not to mention expensive. The last thing you want is to find them damaged or broken after the move. Make sure the movers you hire have insurance to cover for broken or lost items.

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