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Move to a New House or Build One? Which is better?

There are a lot of reasons why people build a house instead of moving to a new place while there are others who prefer the otherwise.  But would you really know the reasons why getting a new home instead of building a new house is far better or vice versa?  Below are some of the known reasons that you might want to consider:
   People are very sentimental about their home.  People, through the years find it difficult to leave their old house, which prompt them to bring the entire home to the new home - practically!  The idea of building a new house is a big no-no for people who are a little too sentimental.
People also consider the financial impact of building a new home.  Let us admit it, building a new home is relatively high in cost compared to moving into a new home.  With moving into the new home, there are a little less financial obligations that you need to consider which when compared to building a new home, is far way great.
There are a lot of reasons people can cite about moving into a new house or building a new home. But these two cited reasons are practically what most moving out people would say.

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