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Kitchen Accessories Are the Last Things You Want to Forget when Moving

People spend weeks, even months preparing for a move. But one thing that most people often forget in their moving plans is the kitchen accessories. Often, we are so focused in moving furniture, appliances and other decorative items that we always end up ordering pizza after the relocation because we lack utensils.
Kitchen accessories are not usually hard to find. Any department store would have all sorts of kitchen accessories available. But even department stores are useless when they are closed. If you have been lucky enough to realize what you have left before 5pm, then great! Sadly, it is not what usually happens. After unloading the boxes, most people would start setting up the bulky stuff first. As soon as they realize it's time to cook dinner, they could not find the boxes that had them.
So what does this situation imply? It says a lot about how most of us rule our lives. We are so concerned about the luxuries of life that we forget our basic necessities. It is a must to reorganize your priorities before packing a single box for relocation. Obviously, kitchen accessories are not supposed to be last on your list. Suppose you forgot the TV but had the kitchen items all along, what would happen? Nothing drastic really, you might even find that you are more productive without it. 

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