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Secrets to Easy Packing and Moving

Moving home and stress are quite synonymous. Both bring pain and agony to people who are experiencing them. But like any other problems, they shall pass. The key to making the move less stressful and less daunting is proper planning and organization. Here are some rules to follow in order to make the house move as smooth as possible.
Sufficient Packing Supplies
Always have these supplies handy: packing tapes, bubble wraps, newspapers, markers and moving boxes. Cardboard boxes are best used when moving stuff as they are sturdy and stable. Avoid using trash cans and watering cans as moving containers. They are difficult to stack and most of the times, they have leaves and some safety pins in them.
Pack by Room
When packing, go to one room at a time. This way you can ensure that the room is empty and nothing is forgotten. After packing each room, be sure to lock the door. This is a good indication that the room has been cleared and packed.
Label Accordingly
You are not required to label the boxes artistically. Just write legibly and be precise in listing the items inside the box or the room it belongs to.
Seal Tightly
Saggy bottoms are a no-no. Nobody wants their stuff slipping off the boxes. In order to secure the box, seal it thoroughly with a packing tape. Better yet, use a tape gun to save your fingers from all that tearing.

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