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When Plates and Flatware Traveled 50 Miles

It's easy to box soft and cuddly items, right? You just have to place your stuff toys and pillows inside the box, squeeze them in and seal the box with a tape, it's done. But when it comes to your plates, you become stressed out. Why? There is a danger of breaking them.
Your movers might not realize that they were handling your plates and flatware already if you were not able to pack these items well nor labeled them. So, here's the tip. Always label your boxes with "fragile" when you got breakables inside. You may also write "kitchen" on the box surface to tell your self that these things belong to the kitchen. Aside from preventing their breakage during the travel, you wouldn't have to open all the boxes just to get your plate if you're about to eat once you reach your new home.
You must also place heavier items on the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top. Why? This is simply because if you invert that position the heavy items will break the light ones. You must also bear in mind that the maximum weight of the box is 50 lbs.

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